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Not Just a Boat Detailing Expert: We Also Specialize in Boat Painting in Miami, FL!

Barracuda Boat Restoration Inc. is known for the reliable boat detailing services that we offer in Miami, FL. However, we don’t just specialize in detailing sea vessels and cleaning them from top to bottom — we also assist our clients with painting their boats! Get in touch with us to use our professional boat painting solutions!

Topside Paint

When people look at your boat, one of the first things that they immediately see is the topsides. Because of this, you’ll naturally want to ensure that the top sides are always in great shape. One way to do this is to repaint them on a regular basis. Through proper painting, you can keep the topsides beautiful and attractive and ensure that your boat can maintain its aesthetic appeal.

Bottom Paint

The bottom of your boat needs special attention since it attracts barnacles and other aquatic organisms, which can create tears in the gelcoat and allow water to reach the inner fiberglass layers and cause serious damage.

Bottom paint is available in three types: ablative paint, hard bottom paint, and hybrid bottom paint. Ablative paint wears away gradually to reveal a fresh layer of biocide, which means that your boat is always protected as long as the paint is on the hull. Since the paint wears off, you won’t need to deal with layers of paint buildup but you’ll need to repaint your boat more often.

Hard bottom paint, meanwhile, creates a tough coating that’s difficult to remove. The paint itself doesn’t wear away; rather, it has layers of copper that acts as a biocide and gradually gets depleted as it’s exposed to water. Hybrid bottom paint, on the other hand, combines the benefits of ablative and hard bottom paint.

Our Competitive Edge

Here at Barracuda Boat Restoration Inc., we use only the highest quality boat paint. This way, we can ensure that our clients’ sea vessel is coated with a durable paint that can create a solid protective layer and last for a long time. We also use modern boat painting tools and equipment to finish the process within the shortest possible time.

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When it comes to boat painting, Barracuda Boat Restoration Inc. is one of the best contractors you can trust in Miami, FL. Call (786) 470-4634 now to book your appointment! You can also contact our team if you need boat detailing services and other solutions.

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