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How Does One Go About Repairing Aluminium Boats?

Aluminium Boat Repair Tips

When it comes to boat repair jobs on aluminum, most methods will use either welding or fiberglassing. And even though we at Barracuda Boat Restoration Inc. say both methods are acceptable, the overall purpose of a repair will greatly dictate the method used. For example, for a longer lasting and stronger repair to a damaged hull, welding is the best and most proper way to performing a repair. If the repair involves removing a slow leak in a riveted seam, then fiberglass will be the best method of repair boats.

However, when the reason for repairs is a complete restoration, then a combination of grinding, welding, and polishing will offer the most traditional and original looking finish once repairs are completed. Depending on what method is used to repair aluminum boats, the most important thing will be to thoroughly clean the area prior to attempting any repair work. Using a mild acid to remove oxidation off the aluminum and sanding the damaged area is another good tip when repairing aluminum boats.

Should you even try to use fiberglass on an uncleaned aluminum boat, this will result in the fiberglass peeling off in a short amount of time. Also, welding over dirty aluminum will mean you will have a contaminated weld which will oxidize and eat itself, which will leave small holes in the area you repaired. The tip which could save your life is to use a breathing apparatus when you weld aluminum. This is because aluminum produces a toxic gas when it is welded, which makes repairing aluminum boats dangerous when the proper precautions are not undertaken.

When repairing very thin aluminum, one good tip is using a torch and braze and not welding it. This process will use less heat and will not damage any of the surrounding metal. With some instances, welding can often result in creating a bigger hole in your boat than the original repair.

And there you have it, folks, we hope that our boat repair blog proved helpful. If you would like to speak to one of our technicians in Miami, FL, please call today at (786) 470-4634.

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