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Is Your Boat in Need of Some TLC?

Wooden Boat Restoration Tips

Many of the clients of Barracuda Boat Restoration Inc. think that wooden boats are beyond saving when they begin to rot, in some cases this is true, however, there are a few times when wood boats can be restored. So we decided to write this blog to help people that live outside of the local area to understand better when boat restoration is a lost cause. Some people say the best day of a boat owner’s life is when they first bought their boat, and then the day they sell it. The reason behind this is down to the amount of time needed to maintain it. This is not the case when performing a restoration project. First off, a wooden boat is easily maintained and still offers effective transportation for the likes of fishing trips, or a cruise down the river, etc.

Secondly, when you restore a boat, you can take pride in it as you have put the time and effort needed. Most people think of a restoration project as too difficult to try, however, the overall process is not as hard as you may think. Before starting a boat restoration project, find an area which has sufficient space to work. A large yard or garage is the ideal solution to this dilemma, however, there are a few marinas which allow people to work on one on a dock or boathouse.

Should this be your first boat being restored, you should begin with a smaller version. This will be better as it will allow you to practice before you attempt to work on a larger boat. And, you need to be prepared for a long project, as some wooden boat restorations, depending on the repairs, can often take years to finish. The most difficult part will be replacing the planks which are either rotted or damaged.

Determining which planks are still viable and which ones need to be replaced can often be quite difficult, however, there is a little tip you can use. Take an ice pick and rubber mallet to test which planks are still in good condition. Try hammering the ice pick into each plank with your mallet; when the wood is still strong the ice pick should not, in theory, be able to penetrate through the wood.

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