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FAQ on Expert Boat Repair, Detailing, and Restoration Services

Welcome to Barracuda Boat Restoration Inc., your trusted provider of boat repair, boat detailing, fiberglass boat repair, boat restoration, and fiberglass boat restoration services in the Miami, FL area. Our skilled team is dedicated to providing top-quality workmanship and outstanding customer satisfaction.

What main services does your company provide?

We specialize in a variety of marine services and work on projects such as boat restorations, fiberglass repair and replacement, gel coat application and repair, bottom painting for protection against marine growth, and awl grip finishes for long-lasting durability on sailing boats or high-speed vessels.

Do you offer any secondary services?

Absolutely! In addition to our main offerings above we also provide hurricane-safe storage solutions like secure trailer storage alongside warehouse space options suitable for jet skis–nothing is too small when it comes time to ensure proper care goes into every component under our watchful eye+

What kind of engines do you service?

Our experienced technicians are skilled in working with various engine brands including Mercury Yamaha outboard motors among others: give them all types from gasoline-powered 2-strokes straight up through diesel turbocharged monsters; no matter what model requires attention there isn’t anything they haven’t seen before-

In which areas do you offer these exceptional services?

We proudly serve customers not only from Miami but also West Miami as well as other surrounding neighborhoods within close proximity where there’s need-related support so don’t let distance inconvenience hold you back when your vessel needs top-notch repairs-

Are free estimates available at this establishment?

Yes, we offer free estimates for all of our services.

What payment methods are accepted?

To make things convenient for our clients, we accept Cash, Checks, and all major credit cards as payment methods. Plus, you can enjoy a 10% discount on cash payments.

What sets your company apart from others in the industry?

We have been in business since 2013 and are fully licensed to provide reliable boat repair and restoration services in the region. Our skilled team works diligently to ensure exceptional customer satisfaction with every project. Furthermore, we operate Monday through Saturday making it easier for customers to schedule appointments that fit their timeline.

How do you handle teak restoration and repair?

We recognize the importance of preserving the natural beauty and durability of the teak on your vessel. Our team is skilled in repairing and restoring teak elements using high-quality materials and proven techniques, ensuring both its functionality and appearance are maintained.

Do you offer custom boat maintenance plans to suit individual needs?

Yes, we understand that each boat owner has unique requirements when it comes to maintaining their vessel. As a full-service marine company, we can tailor our boat maintenance packages according to your specific needs, whether it involves regular detailing or extensive fiberglass repairs. Just speak with our staff about your preferences, and we will design a plan that fits perfectly.

If your boat is in need of professional repair or maintenance within the Miami, FL area come let us show why so many choose Barracuda Boat Restoration Inc. when they’re looking care about most – contact our friendly staff today at (786) 470-4634. They’ll gladly answer questions and guide scheduling right away giving renewed confidence knowing the vessel will be best hands possible and return water no time flat!

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