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How Are Fiberglass Boats Restored?

Fiberglass Boat Restoration Information


We at Barracuda Boat Restoration Inc. are often asked how we perform our fiberglass boat restoration jobs. So we decided to write this blog to explain a few things. Fiberglass resin is a semi-solid material that is made up of a combination of resin and fiberglass strings. Fiberglass has fine glass fibers in it and is commonly used as a reinforcing agent. Resin, however, is a semi-solid substance which contains all the properties needed for it to be a base for other materials. The most common use for this is repairing fiberglass boats, cars, and motorcycles.


For instance, when the fiberglass frame of a boat needs repairs, then fiberglass resin will be used. The addition of this creates a product which has a high level of rigidity, this is vital when building anything that has to withstand a great deal of physical pressure. The process used to create hulls also uses resin. When using this resin, a chemical known as a catalyst will be added to it, and this reacts to the fiberglass and creates heat, which in turn makes the resin more pliable.


When it comes to working with fiberglass, it is crucial for people to take the appropriate safety precautions, this is because fiberglass particles can often work themselves loose and work their way under any skin which is exposed, this, in turn, will instantly irritate a person’s skin due to the microscopic glass fibers. Users must always wear overalls, thick gloves, and a respirator when they work with fiberglass materials. Even though this may seem somewhat of an inconvenience, it is far preferable than suffering the irritation of the fiberglass resin particles.


And there end our fiberglass boat restoration blog. We hope that it has been illuminating. For information on our services in Miami, FL, please call us today at (786) 470-4634.

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