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How to Restore the Shine on Your Fiberglass Boat

Boat Detailing Tips for Fiberglass

Many of our customers come to us under the impression that boat detailing is a new concept, we beg to differ. Read on to find out a few helpful tips to get you started. The exterior surface of a fiberglass boat is made from a special resin known as gel coat. This has little structural value, as the underlying laminates of the resin-saturated glass fabric are what provides this. However, gel coat does protect the hull and gives it its shine and color. When the gel coat was sprayed on originally, it took on the shape and texture of the surface. Unfortunately, like most things, time and exposure does eventually erode this relatively soft gel coat surface, which will give it a dull and chalky look. However, this can be restored.

Cleaning Fiberglass

The first step when it comes to restoring the gloss on dull gel coat is to always clean it thoroughly beforehand. Try adding some detergent to warm water, and use a sponge to wash the surface. Make sure you wear gloves to protect your hands. When mildew is present, add some bleach to your cleaning solution. Difficult stains such as fish blood and waterline scum will need a direct application of concentrated cleaner formulated specifically for fiberglass. Then simply rinse the surface thoroughly and leave it to dry.

Tips on How To Wax A Boat

Keeping your gel coat coated with some wax should you have the boat from new is the best thing to do when you wish to prolong its life. Regularly waxed gel coat will retain its gloss for over 15 years, and the purpose of a wax coat is to protect, however, it also has a few restorative properties when the gel coat is not weathered too much.

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