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The Dangers of DIY Fiberglass Repair Jobs

Don’t DIY

Trying to save some cash by doing repairs ourselves can be tempting. But for more complicated repair tasks like fiberglass repair, it’s better left to professionals. Here are the reasons why:

Lack of Skills and Experience

Inadequate skill and/or lack of experience can lead to a dissatisfying result or an air pocket for air to leak out of. Doing such a project can require specialized tools and intricate knowledge of how to mix and apply the material.

Poor Quality Products

There is no shortage of poorer quality and imitation materials in today’s market. However, using such materials can do more harm than good and ultimately lead to a greater cost of repair later down the line.

Ignoring Safety Measures

Every DIY job has to be done safely and correctly. In the case of a fiberglass fix, there are specific rules and protocols that should be followed, staying away from open flames, dust being inhaled, and any use of dangerous chemicals. Failing to do this can lead to much bigger problems including health hazards and accidents.

Wrong Mixture

Even if you know a little bit about mixing the correct materials together, the wrong ratio of ingredients can lead to faulty manufacturing and cause a lot of stress. It can also compromise the integrity of the structure, meaning it won’t be very strong or durable. Furthermore, repairing the damage that was caused as a result of using the wrong mix will cost you money and undo the efforts of your time spent trying to take the DIY route.

Attempting a DIY fiberglass repair job can be a great way of saving money. But if done incorrectly, you’ll be forking out more cash than you should. Barracuda Boat Restoration Inc. provides all the right materials to get the job done quickly and properly, so why not save yourself time and effort and bring in our professionals? You can easily book our services in Miami, FL by simply calling us at (786) 470-4634!

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